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Rabbit Pleasure

April 5, 2009

Sometimes we’re very serious, but we love to play, too, and it’s time for one of our sex product reviews. Hope you’ll come along for the ride!

Since it’s nearly the season to welcome the bunny rabbit into our homes, I thought it quite appropriate to recommend the rabbit vibrator to my friends and readers for your pleasure.  If you haven’t tried a rabbit you’re in for an eXperience.  Rabbits tend to be explosive in many ways.  There are so many on the market I’ll start by describing two types for you—well,  the second is only a variation on the first.

The rabbit usually consists of a rather large penis-shaped vibrator that not only vibrates at various speeds but also rotates.  What makes it a rabbit, though, are the rabbit ears attached to a second appendage that nicely graces the clitoral region when the main vibrator is inserted.  Ladies, this can be delightfully maddening.  Guys, if you love to watch your woman enjoy herself, you are in for a treat.  She may even request your assistance. 

Now if you’re ready for more stimulation, try out a three pronged rabbit. My favorite is called “Rabbit Pearl Plus” and you can read my review at the Sensual Universe website.

This one is the same as above but it has another vibrating appendage sure to send you spinning.  With the other two in their places, this one caresses the buttocks or perhaps with help from a partner can probe its way into your butt.  With three erogenous spots vibrating simultaneously you are not just building toward the big O, believe me, you are building toward a total body orgasm. 

Peter Cotton Tail never had it so great.  Try a rabbit of your choice and see how long you can keep the rabbit hopping and vice versa.  Be sure to use plenty of lube.  Have fun—Adriana will!!

Additional sites where you can find great rabbits are  and


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