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Can Swinging Save Your Marriage?

May 31, 2009

Can swinging save your marriage?

When we set up our Twitter page a bare three months ago and started looking for peeps to follow, Chantelle Austin was one of the first to pop up, and we’ve never regretted following her. An Australian swinger, she’s also, among other things, an author and a relationship coach, and she’s had lots to say about swinging and marriage. Here are a couple of her recent articles:

            Could Swinging Save Your Marriage?

            Are We Naturally Monogamous?

A caveat: There can be any number of reasons a marriage is on the rocks, and most of them are probably NOT going to be solved by turning to swinging. Neither she nor we are professional marriage counselors, so if your relationship is in trouble, there are lots of places to start besides here.

That being said, we agree with her. We can think of at least three reasons a married couple might turn to swinging to improve their relationship.

Sometimes, as with the couple in our Swinging Games erotic romance series at Extasy, a partner in a long standing monogamous heterosexual relationship begins to discover he or she is bisexual. This can especially be the case for baby boomers who grew up in an era when the range of sexual orientations was less acceptable. Swinging gives these partners an opportunity to find out about the other side without cheating or breaking faith.

Sometimes, as with the couple in our upcoming September release April Swings at Whiskey Creek Torrid, the love and the relationship are fine, but too much sizzle has gone out of the lovemaking and a couple needs to recharge their batteries. Swinging offers a nearly endless source of variety and adventures to keep a couple’s sex life new and exciting.

Third – and this is not a plot we’ve written yet – swinging might be a solution if a couple remains in love but one partner has begun to have outside affairs. Chantelle Austin talks about such couples in both the articles we’ve linked above, and she poses an interesting question: If couples who’ve broken up over an affair had considered swinging as an option, might they still be together? Sounds like a plot for us to take on!

For a delectable fictitious peek into the world of swinging, check out both our current erotic romance series: Swinging Games, at Extasy, and Meghan’s Playhouse, at Whiskey Creek Torrid. Swinging Games: Hookups will be released June 1, and its prequel, Swinging Games: Anticipation, is available now. Meghan’s Playhouse Book One: Seducing Cat is available now at Whiskey Creek Torrid, and Book Two: A Woman for Zachary is due out July 1.

SG Anticipation 150  hookups 150

Seducing 150  Zach 150  April 150

Another fabulous window into the many delights of swinging has just been released at Logical Lust.  Swing!, edited by Jolie du Pré, brings together many of our favorite erotica authors for a collection of sizzling short stories about the swinging world.

For an instruction manual and a real-life introduction to the world of swinging, you can’t beat Chantelle Austin’s The Ultimate Swinger’s Guide. And of course if you feel ready to check out some on-line swinger websites, you can always go to our links page. Play safe, and have fun!

4 Comments leave one →
  1. June 1, 2009 6:49 am

    I think if the vows were promising fidelity for life then an affair could possibly end the marriage if one person isn’t ready to change that vow. Perhaps if a person doesn’t really want the “one partner” lifestyle then they should marry somebody who’s up for what they like. Otherwise, one party will just end up causing the other emotional pain.

  2. adrianakraft permalink
    June 1, 2009 7:38 am

    Hi Tay, good point – if BOTH partners don’t want to try the swinging world, it’s definitely not a good idea.

  3. June 2, 2009 3:41 pm

    Hi Adriana!

    That’s a good question you posed about if a couple was splitting up because of an affair would swinging help. IMO, swinging is definately NOT an activity for one person to use as a means to play behind their partner’s back. Too many people get hurt that way. But if all partners are willing to play–game on!

  4. March 25, 2010 1:12 pm

    I just know that my marriage had opened up SO much more even since we’ve started discussing swinging. We used to have major communication issues and since then, we’re closer and we can just now say it like it is. I love it.

    We’ve only had a few experiences and with all that communication going on…it’s been fantastic!! My marriage and sex life have never ever been better.

    I might add that our commitment and love was strong to begin with. I don’t think it can save a marriage but it can make a good marriage MUCH better if done correctly.

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