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How Hetero Are You?

July 18, 2009

Gotta love it – I took the quiz at Stockholm Pride. Here’s my score:


1% HeteroAdrianaKraft is 1% HeteroHow hetero are you? How hetero is Martha Stewart? Try out any Twitter name and get the real picture. Are we really the words we use? Hope to see you at Stockholm Pride!


The quiz analyzes your Twitter stream – who are your friends, and what are the words you use. I’m proud of the friends I keep! I had to laugh a little at the words that earned my rating, though – available, gay, lgbt, whiskey, stonewall!

Available – well, not me, personally, but a word I use lots when I post about a new book release: “Available Now at…”  Gay and LGBT mean exactly what they say, as does Stonewall. I write erotic romance that nearly always features at least one bi character, sometimes more, sometimes gay or lesbian characters as well. I support marriage equality and I re-tweet news and blogs for the cause whenever I can. Speaking of which, check out @HersbandAndWife on Twitter or visit their website to read about their Marriage Equality Bus Tour.

Whiskey? Quite frankly, I’m a little put off that the word turned up as a criterion for my Het score. What, LGBT folks drink more whiskey than straights? Talk about it more? Tweet about it more? I don’t talk about it at all – I just include the name of one of my publishers in lots of tweets: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. A great place to check out with lots of lgbt erotic books, btw.

three pride flags

Check out @stockholmpride on Twitter and the Stockholm Pride Festival website for more news and discussion. This year’s Pride theme is Hetero: “The theme has its focus on how norms affect the daily lives of LGBT persons, what the consequences are and how they affect society in general.” They’re looking for personal stories about the theme and would love to have yours.

I think their theme rocks – all of us fall somewhere on a continuum between gay and straight, and the more people come to understand that, the faster we can reduce hate and prejudice, not just for the LGBT community but for the entire planet.

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