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Hot Erotic Romance for the Holidays!

November 8, 2009
 Reviewers love both my erotic romance Holiday Reads!  


 GiftForAdam_Front-1-1.jpg gift 150 picture by AdrianaKraft

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Whiskey Creek Torrid


SANTASBOSS-1-1.jpg Santa 150 picture by AdrianaKraft 

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Extasy Books


A Gift for Adam

Rating: Erotic Romance, Explicit (m/f)

Five Stars from Keely at Sensual Ecata: Side-splitting hilarity mixed with volcanically hot love scenes, what more could a woman want?A Gift for Adam by Adriana Kraft is hilarious and a refreshingly new take on the old “opposites attract” formula.  I have to admit that laughing until my eyes water and then immediately squirming in my seat from the “heat” of the next scene is a new experience for me. I fear to gush too much about this delightful offering as I may give away the good surprises Ms. Kraft has in store for her readers.  I can sum this experience up with this:   Well done, Ms. Kraft; give me more, please!


Home and Garden assistant manager Evie Strand has painstakingly embroidered a set of seven thongs as a gag gift for her best friend—only she brought the wrong box to the store Christmas party, and now Adam Grant from Automotive is holding them up for everyone to see: Kiss my…, Tight Fit—could things get any worse? Adam may seem like a total rake, but he can tell Evie’s deeply embarrassed and he resolves to make it up to her. Who knew where a simple dinner date would lead?





Mortified, Evie Strand looked on in horror at the office Christmas party careening out of control. Her fellow employees stared at her in amazement. Some snickered. Some couldn’t remain silent.

“What a hoot,” Leslie whispered from the seat next to her. “You put old Adam in his place.”

Evie shook her head and swallowed hard, willing herself to be anywhere but in this room. Adam Grant’s dark eyes snapped, mocking her. Did he really think she’d given him that package on purpose?It was meant for Christie, her closest friend. That package wasn’t even supposed to come to the office party. Christie didn’t work for the store.

How could she be such an idiot? She’d wrapped so many Christmas presents late last night. It had never occurred to her that the two packages looked so similar on the outside.

To her dismay, she’d drawn Adam Grant’s name for the annual gift exchange. She hadn’t given it much thought once she’d decided to give him a tie.

Evie blinked as he rummaged through his gift. “No,” she muttered softly, when he held up a second thong. This one, like the last, had hand-stitched lettering.

She should know. She’d painstakingly hand-lettered seven thongs for Christie. They were supposed to be a joke. She doubted Christie would actually wear any of them, but they’d each gone out of their way during the past six seasons to surprise each other with something that was outlandishly sexy. She had to admit she might’ve gone over the top this year.

Adam held high the pink Tuesday thong. He could hardly read it aloud for breaking up with laughter. “Tuesday: Wish you were…?” The question mark below the lettering left little room for confusion about the intent—it would nestle comfortably over the wearer’s mound.

More hoots and hollers followed. The powder blue Monday thong had been more shocking, probably because it was the first one Adam had held up, or maybe because it said “Don’t Dribble” across the front.

Evie pushed her chair back from the long banquet table where she sat with her fellow Grafton Department Store employees. Leslie grabbed her wrist. “Don’t let him get the best of you. Mistakes happen. At least half the people here think you did this on purpose to get the rake’s goat. If you leave, they’ll know you screwed up.”

Evie gulped and nodded at her department manager. She drew in a deep breath. “All right.”

She glanced back at Adam in time to seem him holding up the yellow Wednesday thong: “Kiss My…” with a broken arrow pointing suggestively toward the backside.



Santa’s Boss

Rating: Four Flames: m/f,  m/f/m,  f/f,  f/m/f,  f/f/m


Four Stars from Dianna at Night Owl Romance: I found Santa’s Boss a delightful read. It was fun and easy flowing. Well written, it keeps you involved in the story and wondering just what is going to happen next. It is such a pleasure to read about a different kind of Santa, one that is not set for just children but is more towards us grownups. I wish there was more that we as adults could believe in that would allow us to be more child-like. I hope you enjoy reading Santa’s Boss as much as I did.



Always authentic, Assistant Mall Manager Joy Danser insists that her mall Santas must have real beards so children can believe. But even she is unprepared for the very real Santa who visits her bed invisibly this Christmas season. Is she dreaming, or has she gone mad? Joy consults Sophia Nardiz, manager of the Magical Gypsy shop at her mall. Sophia reads her palm and gives her a cryptic message: Joy is at a crossroads, and she must trust her intuition.


Owner of the Magical Gypsy chain and a true Gypsy himself, Nick Polaris is thrilled to play Joy’s Santa, in the mall and in her bed, but he knows it’s only a lark. For true love, he’ll need someone with Gypsy blood. Must he renounce the Scottish redhead he enjoys so much?



Sophia pushed back dark tresses of hair from her shoulder. She smiled as if she knew a secret. “And this visitor claimed to be Santa Claus?”

“That’s right. I felt his beard and mustache.” Joy shuddered.

“I’m sure you did. You look quite pleased with the memory.”

“I must be crazy,” Joy wailed. “You must think I’m nuts for sure.”

“Don’t say that, girl.” Sophia cradled Joy’s hand and Joy experienced an immediate calm spreading over her body. “What you describe is quite plausible.” Sophia smiled thinly. “You have too many aches—pleasant aches—for this to be something only in your mind. It could be someone with pyschokinesis and telepathic powers. Rare, but not impossible. I have known persons with such powers.”

“You don’t think I’m crazy.”

“Not at all. I believe you must be very special to have received such a gift.”

“But you don’t think it was Santa?”

“Does that matter? Someone thinks very highly of you to want to nurture your belief, maybe not in Santa only, but in a world beyond that which you typically know. In my culture, we’d say you were blessed.”


“You received, and there was no expectation of return.”

“Oh.” Joy scowled. “I hope Santa—I hope he enjoyed me, too.”

Chuckling, Sophia interjected, “I’m sure he did. Who wouldn’t? May I look at your palm a moment?”

“Of course.” Joy tried not to tense. This was part of what she’d hoped for when she’d decided to seek out Sophia, but she probably wouldn’t have asked.

Sophia’s features were blank. “You do seem to be at a crossroads.”

“A crossroads,” Joy squeaked. “What kind of crossroads?”

“I’m not positive. Love and career seem mixed up. Ah,” Sophia smiled softly, “so your first love was a woman.”

Joy blinked and then shrugged. “My roommate during my sophomore year of college gave me a vibrator for my birthday and then showed me how to use it. You’re right. I was in love. Unfortunately, Mary Beth got pregnant four months later.”

“There were others?”

“One.” Joy’s mouth went dry. She hadn’t realized her knees had clamped tightly around one of Sophia’s knees. She tried to unlock her grip and then gave up trying.

Sophia grinned at her openly. “It is good to love a woman now and then. I’ve often found if I only love a man or only love a woman, I’m out of balance. How about you?”


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  1. November 17, 2009 7:26 pm

    Of course they love your work! Why wouldn’t they? Your books are fabulous.

    • adrianakraft permalink
      November 17, 2009 8:42 pm

      Hey there Tay, thanks for stopping by – looks like you’ve got some good things happening on your website, congrats!



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