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New Release – Vegas Gambler!

December 15, 2009

Meghan’s Playhouse Book Four

Vegas Gambler 

We’re having a blast chronicling the antics of our delightfully Bi heroine, Meg Keenan, as she continues her self-appointed task of bringing other couples together in her uniquely up-close and personal way. Vegas Gambler, the fourth installment in our series Meghan’s Playhouse, was just released at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid this morning. 



Fresh with success from a recent stint in a musical on the Las Vegas Strip, Meghan Keenan takes some time off to play with her current flame Jack Hawthorne, professional poker player. She’s delighted to add her petite masseuse Tia Minh to the mix and even more thrilled when she learns Tia’s relationship with her boyfriend Tony Sanders is on the skids. It’s the perfect challenge! 

Tia has different ideas – she thinks Tony would be perfect for Meg, and she conspires to throw them together any way she can. Ever the gambler, Jack catches onto her game quickly and keeps the ruse going behind Meg’s back. Who knew his heart was up for grabs? 


Meg blinked at the familiar sight of Tia’s half smile. The sprite of a woman always seemed to know just what she needed. Tia never failed.

 “You won’t even taste me on your fingers,” Meg chided, propping herself on an elbow. “Do I tempt you that much? Aren’t you a little curious?”

“I can’t,” Tia said, quickly glancing away.

Meg moved to a sitting position and hopped to the floor to stand only inches away from her masseuse. “I’ll never understand how you can do this over and over. Bring me off so expertly and not even touch yourself. Are you into self-denial?”

“We’ve been over this too much already.” Tia turned and began to gather her things.

Meg grinned. Her masseuse tried her patience, and she’d always considered herself a very patient girl. She tried a different tack. “You look so sexy in that tank top and short skirt. Did you wear those for me?”

Tia shrugged. “I wear what is comfortable for my work.”

“At least that doesn’t include a bra. I’m pleased to know your nipples grow as taut as mine.” She reached out to graze one.

“Don’t,” Tia pled, pulling away before she could touch her.

“They look so dusky through the white material. They must be quite dark. Not as dark as your hair,” Meg said softly, running her fingers through Tia’s long coal black hair. This time Tia did not pull away; her eyes glazed in that French Vietnamese habit of hers when she tried to withdraw inward. Meg had seen that ploy several times before.

“Why do you insist on resisting me so?” Meg murmured, lazily drawing her knuckles across Tia’s cheek. Meg’s heart raced. Tia had never accepted her advances like this before. Were they finally at a turning point? Had she finally worn Tia down? Penetrated that oriental reserve?

You can find all of Chapter One HERE at the Whiskey Creek Torrid website.

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