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Guest Blog: Sex Witch ~ Laura Stamps

May 13, 2011

Here’s a taste of erotica from one of our Twitter Friends – Pagan paranormal erotica novelist Laura Stamps.


Pussy Memory


Busy day yesterday.  My Uber-Alpha husband left for the coast in the afternoon to spend several days golfing with his buddy, Gus, at Edisto Island. 


I had deluded myself into thinking I could get some housecleaning done while he was away.  Nah.  I’ve actually been writing two books at the same time this year, and now the other book needs to be finished up.  I’m hoping by the time he returns I’ll have it in final draft and ready to send off.  Or really close.  I hope, I hope!


When the Uber and I were out to dinner the other night, one of the servers was talking about how he used to work out all the time.  But he’s been a couch potato the last three months and has gained some weight.  However he said he wasn’t worried because when he gets back to the gym “muscle memory” will kick in, and he’ll be back in shape in no time.


I have no idea what muscle memory is, but I think I have “pussy memory.” 




Sex is my life, and my days are full of it, whether it’s real sex, cyber-sex, or writing sex scenes for my novels.  It’s like the Uber always says: I have no “Off Switch.” 


Actually, my cyber-sex guys say the same thing.  Last month one commented that it never ends with me.  No, it never ends. 


Another one called our cyber-sex amazing and said a part of him wants to see where else I can go, because he just doesn’t want to stop fucking me. 


Brave guy, huh?   


But he said the problem is I never seem to get there.  Yeah, that’s me.  No “Off Switch.” 


In fact I’m so primed for sex 24/7 you don’t even have to say anything sexual for my pussy to hum.  I’m always in the mood. 


It’s kinda like how your body is programmed to ride a bike.  When you see a bike, you automatically think, “I can ride that.”  In my case, when it comes to men, my pussy automatically purrs, “I could ride him.”  *lusty grin*


No wonder the Uber and my cyber-sex guys love me.  I’ve got great pussy memory.  Either that, or I was born to fuck. 


Probably both. 


Laura Stamps is a Pagan paranormal erotica novelist (vampires, witches, shapeshifters). Her work has been published in over a 1000 magazines, literary journals, and anthologies worldwide. The recipient of a Pulitzer Prize nomination and 7 Pushcart Award nominations, she is the author of more than 52 books. A Wiccan Faery Witch (Otherkin Fey), empath, sexual sorceress, and psychic, Laura enjoys writing novels about contemporary Pagans living in the Deep South. Because she portrays Pagans realistically, her novels are full of real spells, chants, and rituals. You can find all her novels, novellas, and memoirs in the Kindle Store for $0.99.

Laura Stamps

Pagan Paranormal Erotica Novelist

(HOT vampires, shapeshifters, witches)



My Kindle ebooks (all $0.99):


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