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Guest Blog ~ Charlie Richards

May 24, 2011

Today we welcome fellow Extasy author Charlie Richards to our pages!

Cats: Women of the animal kingdom?

I’ve heard it said that dogs are man’s best friend. Does that mean cats are women’s best friend? Maybe. I have three cats and two dogs. My husband likes our dogs far more than I do, while I like my cats and he doesn’t. Perhaps it’s because I understand the cats better. I certainly seem to share some traits.

One: My cat yowls at me in a foreign language, but expects me to understand. Sometimes when I walk into a room, Molly will begin to chatter away at me. I’m convinced she’s telling me all the naughty things Scoop and Tigger have been up to, but since I can’t understand, I’m not sure. It’s similar to when I talk to my husband about my writing. I jabber away about story lines, plots, and characters, and he has no clue what I’m talking about. He placates me with a smile and nod, feigning interest, similar to how I placate Molly by scratching her butt!

Two: Cats are trainable. That’s right! I’ve trained my cats. When it’s time for bed, all I have to do is call out that it’s bed time and my kitties will run into the laundry room. I don’t even have to be in the same room as them anymore. I call, they come. Then I shut the door and they go to sleep. Women can be trained too. My husband has me trained to make his lunch for work. It’s better than the alternative, him spending too much money on unhealthy snacks at convenience stores or fast food restaurants. Plus, as cute as it is, I don’t want my man pouting. It makes me feel guilty!

Three: Cats want attention sometimes, but not always. If they don’t want attention, my cats give me the look. And any cat owner knows exactly what I’m talking about. It’s that haughty look that says, Get your hand off me before I scratch you! And my cats are more than happy to tell me when they want attention. Scoop and Molly will climb behind me on my chair, and where Molly will drape herself over my back and peer over my shoulder, Scoop nibbles on my hair. Tigger just follows me around until I sit, then he jumps onto my lap. This is very similar to me interacting with my husband. When he interrupts and I don’t want attention, I employ the look. The one that says, Hurry up, because in about fifteen seconds, I’m no longer listening. Sorry, honey, I’ll try to be more patient in the future. And when I want attention, I’ll follow him around, sit on his lap, or generally just drape myself over him. After all, shouldn’t it be me time?

So, why is it that I’m writing about a wolf pack instead of a cat pride? I love wolves and can’t think of anything hotter than manlove between wolf shifters and their human mates. And don’t worry. Big cats are in the Wolves of Stone Ridge series too. You just need to wait for them. In the meantime, here are a few lines from the first book in the series, Werewolf at the Zoo, now available at



Werewolf At The ZooExcerpt – Werewolf at the Zoo


Travis stared at Rainy’s door for a full thirty seconds before working up the nerve to knock. He still couldn’t wrap his mind around what had happened between last night and this morning. What was it about this man that had him throwing caution to the wind and starting up a relationship? Shit, this was a relationship, right? Rainy wasn’t just having a good time, was he?

The door swung open, and Rainy grinned down at him. “Hello, gorgeous.”

“Do you want a relationship with me or is this a fling to you?” ShitFuckDamn! How could I just blurt something like that out? Travis’s face reddened as Rainy blinked down at him in stunned silence. Then the man moved with lightning speed, grabbing him by his arm and dragging him inside.

Seconds later, the door was slammed shut, and Rainy’s big body pinned Travis against it. He moaned at the intimate feel of the larger man as he molded his body to Travis from chest to thigh. He could feel the tiny nubs of Rainy’s nipples, the corded muscle of his abs, and most importantly, the hard length of his arousal pushing at his own.

Rainy cupped his face and brought his lips down in a fierce, demanding kiss. There was nothing teasing or chaste about it. The man dominated Travis’s mouth, possessing him, nipping his lips and forcing entry. Travis felt Rainy’s tongue glide along his own before exploring the recesses of his mouth. He whimpered into the kiss, loving the desire for him the other man conveyed.

Suddenly Rainy’s mouth was gone and Travis tried to follow his lips, wanting more. When the hands on either side of his face wouldn’t let him, his eyes snapped open. If the kiss hadn’t already taken his breath away, the possessive lust burning in Rainy’s green eyes would have.

“Yes, this is most definitely a relationship. Ye are not to see anyone else while ye’re with me, man or woman. Ye are mine now, Travis. Got that?”

The man’s profession of ownership should have terrified Travis, but instead his pulse raced and a feeling of utter security swamped him. This is what he’d been looking for, wanting, craving, someone who wanted him as much as he wanted them. And he did want Rainy, so much that he felt consumed by the sudden need. Travis struggled to nod his understanding, but the hands on his head held firm.

“Say it,” Rainy commanded.

“Yes. No one else.”

Something seemed to ease in Rainy’s burning gaze, as if he’d been terrified Travis would say no. He dismissed the idea as ridiculous until Rainy lowered his head again, whispering, “Mine,” against his lips before initiating another mind-numbing kiss and scattering Travis’s thoughts.

Where the first kiss had been a hard, fast, and possessive branding, this one felt more like a slow, thorough, and sensuous claiming. Rainy leisurely explored Travis’s mouth and coaxed him to do the same. Hesitant at first before becoming bolder, Travis’s tongue flicked out, mapping the man’s lips, teeth, and tongue. He groaned at the heady, exquisite taste of man and beer. Never had he enjoyed anything more, and, hot damn, the man could kiss.

By the time Rainy ended the kiss, both men were panting hard. Rainy rested his forehead against Travis’s, his tongue flicked out to trace his kiss-swollen lips.

“I want to fuck ye so badly, Travis,” he whispered the admission. “Ye don’t even know how much I want yer hot, sweet ass wrapped around me cock. Can I, baby? Can I bury me dick so deep inside yer pretty hole that ye’ll feel me for days?”

Travis shivered and flushed at the visual image Rainy’s words created, his body reacting by his ass hole tightening before his hips thrust against the other man. He stared up into the man’s earnest gaze and nodded.


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  1. adrianakraft permalink
    May 24, 2011 7:11 am

    Thanks so much for stopping by and being our guest today – and sharing that truly hot excerpt!

    • May 24, 2011 12:21 pm

      Thanks for having me, Adriana! It was my pleasure. I truly enjoyed telling a little about me & my cats… and the shifters. =)

  2. May 24, 2011 9:23 pm

    Sounds delicious. Great interview and wonderful excerpt!

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