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A Little F/F Temptation

November 21, 2011

Let’s see, what sinful topic should I play with today? Here’s a clue – my last three releases all have some truly hot girl-on-girl erotic scenes. Do you detect a theme here?

So I thought I’d try to let you in on what appeals to me so much about bisexual and lesbian erotic scenes. First off – I love women’s bodies. Don’t get me wrong, I love men’s, too, and I can get as turned on by a steamy M/F scene as the next person. But there’s something special about the softness and the curves and the hot spots of a woman.

And then there’s the matter of style and pace – well, hmm. Anyone can be slow or fast, so maybe it’s just style. Here’s a sample of what I mean, from The Lady Wants More [Torquere, June 15]:

Janet leaned back until she felt the coolness of the window, but that did nothing to quell the heat pouring from her body—from her head, from her nipples, and especially, oh so especially, from her core. She curled her fingers around Brenda’s ears encouraging her to explore, to take her time—no, to hurry.

“It must’ve been a while,” Brenda said, dropping light kisses up and down the length of Janet’s pussy. “Your lips are so puffy and open and you’re already dripping and I’ve hardly touched you.”

“You’re torturing me,” Janet groaned. “And I love it.”

Another thing – I think imagination comes into play differently. When a woman does something to another woman’s body, her experience includes both what she’s doing, and what it would feel like to receive what she’s doing – double the turn on, double the urgency, double the tension. Irresistable!

Here’s a sample of the power of imagination, from Complexities [Book Three, Swinging Games, Extasy]

“Most every time I try to fall asleep I think of you with another woman.” Donna slanted a finger across Jen’s lips. “Please, I have to tell you. I admit I’m so jealous. I’ve dreamed about us together before. I hadn’t had that dream for years until recently. Then I’d wake up feeling so guilty I didn’t know if I could face you. Now I wake up soaking wet, certain we’ve been making love for hours and that you left before I could awaken fully.”


Donna’s finger slipped into Jen’s open mouth.

Was it reflex, instinct or lust? With her eyelids closed, Jen didn’t spend much time trying to explain why she was suddenly sucking Donna’s finger deeper into her mouth.

So, um, yeah. It’s no surprise that nearly all my published heroines are either bisexual or lesbian. Here’s a quick pimp out on two of my recent releases:

The Lady Wants More [Torquere, June 15] is part of Torquere’s Sapphic Signs series, so of course it’s a lesbian romance. Or, perhaps more accurately, a falling-in-love story about a straight divorcee from the NYC suburbs and her former college roommate, a free spirit who’s been comfortably bisexual for years. Can you guess which character’s sun sign is Cancer and which is Aquarius? Here’s another EXCERPT for you.

Ripening Passion [Whiskey Creek Torrid, July 15] is second. On the surface it might look like a straight M/F love story – after all, Claire Johnson is pitted against her nemesis, Max Wilson, and they’ve got to figure out how to have sex on camera! But Claire is definitely bi, and the Sexuality Center where all the characters work creates lots of steamy DVD’s in all manner of combinations, so she’s never one to be left out. Yup, definitely some girl-on-girl here – oh, and did I mention, Claire’s a Baby Boomer? And not about to give up hot sex as she ages. You can find an excerpt HERE.

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