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Weekend Dirty Dozen ~ they keep Swinging!

December 16, 2011

MMmm, that was a luscious beginning of an f/f scene last week – I think we’ll just see what happens next! Just to refresh your memories, Jen is waking up, savoring every second:

Warm fingers curled around Jen’s and squeezed them and then her fingers were grazed by soft lips.

Jen couldn’t wait a moment longer. She opened her eyes to see Sarah beaming at her. Sarah looked fresh and eager for the day to begin—though it looked like it had already started.

Sarah lay facing Jen with her backside nestled tight against Brett, who had a leg thrown over Sarah’s lower torso and a hand cupping a breast. He blew Jen a good morning kiss.

“Hi, good morning,” Jen said softly. “Guess I’m the sleepy head. Sorry about that.”

“Nonsense.” Sarah rubbed the back of a hand across Jen’s cheek and then kissed her gently. “It was so wonderful watching you stir, becoming sort of aware of your surroundings and then awaken. I never knew a sleeping woman could be so sensual. Well, at least you are.”

Swinging Games: Pushing the Limits is Book Eight in our Swinging Games series. It’s due out next month from Extasy Books, where you can find Books One through Seven. Here’s the Blurb:

Their new Unicorn Sarah Creston may be out of town, but that doesn’t stop Jen and Brett Andrews from burning up the wires with some scorching three-way phone sex. While they’re waiting for Sarah, Ryan eagerly pursues Brett for some hot male action, followed by a house party that challenges Jen and Brett’s stereotypes. Sarah finally arrives, exhausted and drained from weeks spent helping her aging parents. Jen and Brett provide total tender care for three days – but when Jen invites Sarah to move in for the whole summer, Brett asks himself, what’s the limit?

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