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About Adriana


Adriana Kraft is the pen name for a happily married pair of hopeless romantics who love to read and write hot sex about bi women and the loves in their lives.  What else do we love? We’ll share some here and leave the rest to your imagination!

Since Adriana is a pen name, we like the solution of a reviewer who dubbed us “Adri” (him) and adri-logo“Ana” (her). By day we’re serious academics with backgrounds in social science and human services. At night? Possibilities seem endless and we love coming out to play. Our erotic romance novels celebrate more than consensual mind-blowing sex – we feature strong story lines, heroes and heroines you’ll fall in love with, passion, and profound connectedness.

Our specialty is bisexual heroines. Our stories lift up the dilemmas faced by women who deeply want it both ways but won’t be denied the right to commitment, true love and a happy ending, sometimes with more than one special partner. While that may sound serious, it also permits us to get into swinging, voyeurism and ménage, great opportunities for being playful. It’s rather challenging at times to describe all the possible entanglements.

Longtime social activists, we like to take on stereotypes and challenge social barriers of all kinds, so it should be no surprise when our characters do the same. Ageism is near the top of our list. We think sizzling sex isn’t just for the young. Though we write characters in their early twenties (Meghan Keenan comes to mind), we have heroes and heroines in their forties, fifties and beyond (Mistress of Purgatory Point, and the forthcoming Meghan’s Playhouse, Book 2: A Woman for Zachary).

Something else special is that we’re writing for both genders, offering scenes that partners might enjoy together. We often read scenes we’ve written out loud as part of foreplay, and we hope our readers will, too – or, as one reviewer suggested, keep “a bucket of toys close at hand!” It may take longer to finish the book, but we believe a good book is meant to be savored.

email-adrianaWe’ll close with a peek at some of our fantasies, all of which are bound to turn up in forthcoming books designed to entice you into our world: sensual scenes involving incense, candlelight, soft music, and ocean breezes; time travel; a mustache gently tickling her where it counts the most; letting the tassels of a silk scarf travel ever so slowly along his torso towards the target; the fantasy of several pairs of hands pleasuring one lucky recipient, or just about anything else involving more than two partners.

Hope to catch you between the pages of one of our sizzling erotic romance books!

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