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National Orgasm Month

June 15, 2010

…so I saw something on Twitter about June being National Orgasm Month – did you know there was such a thing? I decided that’d be a great topic for my mid-month blog.


Googling the term brought mixed results and the verdict is not in about which month it really is. Passion Parties says October – the only month with a Big “O.” Seems appropriate! Over at Associated Content, the focus is on the Merry Month of May, what with Mother’s Day and all – moms certainly deserve a few orgasms, and I’d like to hope there were some involved in becoming a mom, so that works. At Yahoo Shine, April is the favored month, with a tip of the hat to October and a suggestion that two Orgasm Months a year, six months apart, is better than only one. To which hubby replied, only TWO months?


Hmm. So none of those is June and now I can’t find the original tweet. No matter – any time is a good time to celebrate! We all know how exciting an orgasm feels, and how spectacular it can to be share one with that special someone (or someones, if you’re a character in one of my erotic novels) – but why would anyone care enough to make it a special month?

Turns out there are some high powered health benefits that come with the physical and emotional turn-on of orgasms. Leafing through the June issue of Health Magazine I landed on an article “The New Numbers to Live By” and discovered that for your health, they are recommending ONE orgasm a day! A major health benefit is the release of the body’s natural opiates with their anxiety- and stress-relieving properties. In addition it leads to the release of both DHEA and estrogen, which lower bad cholesterol, improve heart function, increase bone density, and help keep skin supple and healthy. For more on the benefits, check out this article by Passion Parties – and just in case you think the benefits apply only for women, here’s a take on the plusses for the other gender, an article from   

So curl up with your favorite erotic romance novel and a special partner (or more) – or, as TwoLips Reviews said when it reviewed Colors of the Night, keep a bucket of toys close at hand – and never go too long without the big O. You’ll be glad you did!  

Links to excerpts from my erotic romance novels can be found HERE. Watch for the finale in the Meghan’s Playhouse Series, coming to Whiskey Creek Press Torrid on August 15! 

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