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Just Bein’ Naughty

August 29, 2011

What does the word “naughty” mean to you? Here are some options, culled from dictionaries around the web: disobedient, mischievous, improper, indecorous, indecent, immoral, wicked, evil. 


Were you naughty as a kid? I was, a tad – mischievous and a bit disobedient, at least often enough to have a little fun without suffering dire consequences. I know I drove my fourth grade teacher crazy – but hey, doesn’t every teacher need at least one class clown?


So it should be no surprise that I love being naughty in my fiction. I’m sure there’s a piece of my naughty inner child in nearly all my characters. I’m thinking especially of Meg Keenan (Meghan’s Playhouse), a bisexual sprite who loves bringing other couples together by sharing herself completely with each partner. Or maybe Jennifer Andrews (Swinging Games), who discovers her own bisexuality at mid life and throws herself into all the adventures the Swing Lifestyle can offer. And probably my favorite, Merry Delaney (The Merry Widow), conservative forty-ish widowed accountant who leaves no stone unturned to find out who she is and what her limits are.


If naughty is what you’re looking for in romance, you can find me and my naughty friends at the new Naughty Romance Writers  blog, where we’ll entertain you with excerpts, contests, interviews and release announcements of all our naughty works.


I’d love to hear from you: Do you identify with any of those terms? Did you ever? What kind of naughty do you most look for when you’re reading romance?

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