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Guest Blog: Amanda Young

June 25, 2010

Hi everyone. Adriana was nice enough to invite me to come here and share my experience at a recent slash convention with you all. Thanks Adriana!


To start, I should probably introduce myself. That would be good, right? Nothing like reading a blog and having no clue who it is you’re reading about. My name is Amanda Young and I’m a writer. I’m published through Amber Quill, Excessica, Lethe, Loose id, and Samhain. Most of my stories these days are gay erotic romance, although I have a few het stories floating around here and there as well. I’ve been writing since 2005 and am still trying to figure out this wild and crazy business. 


So anyway, I had the pleasure of attending my first slash convention this month. CON.TXT was held at Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza in Silver Spring, Maryland (right outside of DC). It was a lovely hotel. 

Vincent Diamond and I drove up on Friday and arrived late, thanks to traffic on the beltway. Man is that road a mess. We set up for the following day, popped in for the disco duck dance and met a few very nice people (including author A.R. Moler), ran out for a quick bite to eat, then called it a night.  


My table at the Con. 


On Saturday I got up bright and early and headed downstairs to the main convention room. I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, so vast quantities of caffeine were needed. After a slow start, people started wandering in and introducing themselves. I was fortunate enough to meet a lot of very nice people and talented authors. Dreamspinner Press, JCP Books, and Torquere all had tables at the event. I met Andrew Grey, Clare London, and TC Blue. Here are a few pics of Andrew Grey, AR Moler, and Clare London.  



Afterward, I had dinner out at a fabulous Thai restaurant right down the street with a large group of con-attendees and then retired to my room for the night.  


Sunday was a brisk, but entertaining day. I sat around and chit-chatted most of the morning, before heading home early. All in all, it was a great, laid back weekend. I’m looking forward to attending again in 2012, when CON.TXT returns.   


For more information about Amanda Young, please visit her website:

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